The Company Name

Fairwind Corp’s name is derived from a popular Navy Saying: “Fair Winds and Following Seas” – which is meant to wish a friend a safe journey or just to wish them well in the future.
Fair winds and following seas are positive forces on ships at sea and Fairwind Corp is a positive force on our customer’s mission.

Our Motto

A Positive Force on YOUR Mission
Our goal and mission is to be a positive force on our customer’s mission. We accomplish this by providing the right people with the right talent to tackle the challenges our customers face. By providing innovative and efficient solutions to a myriad of technical challenges across many disciplines, we make a major contribution to our customer’s success.

The Founder

Fairwind Corp was founded in 2013 by Brian Williams. Mr. Williams spent 20 years in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer. During his career he did sea tours as the Communications Officer on USS IOWA (BB-61); the OI Division Officer, then Navigator/Admin Officer on USS MISSISSIPPI (CGN-40); the Operations Officer on USS SCOTT (DDG-995); Combat Systems Officer at Destroyer Squadron 28; and finally, the Assistant Combat Direction Center (CDC) Officer on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71).
Additionally, he served in various capacities in shore commands to include: Requirements Officer at Fleet Forces Command; Operational Test Director at Commander, Navy Test and Evaluation Force; and worked black programs at the Navy Information Operations Command.
For the five years preceding the start of Fairwind Corp, Mr. Williams worked both as a company Director and Program Manager for a defense contractor supporting the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama.
Mr. Williams holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mississippi State University and a Master’s of Science Degree in Financial Management from the Naval Postgraduate School.


Incorporated in Alabama in 2013, Fairwind Corp is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides innovative engineering and technical solutions to primarily Department of Defense (DoD) customers. As a new company, Fairwind is quickly establishing a strong reputation as a company that provides exceptional service to its customers while taking very good care of its assets, the crew of the company. The company is forming strategic partnerships with key prime contractors and teams to ensure strong growth in the future.


I view this company like a ship at sea and the employees including myself as the crew. When you see a ship at sea, what you see is a vessel majestically plowing through the waves – what you don’t see is all the hard work the crew is putting in to make that event happen. Each crewmember doing their tasks to the best of their ability in harmony with all the others makes the complex evolution of ship at sea appear to be effortless. Likewise, every member of this company is critical to the success of the company and together we will do great things and serve our customers in an exceptional manner.

Through 20 years of Naval service and 5 years of defense contracting, I’ve seen many examples of good leadership and personnel treatment and unfortunately a number of bad examples as well. My philosophy on people is simple; I treat everyone (customers, crew members, competitors, and anyone else) the way I would want to be treated – with dignity and respect. I expect the same of anyone who works at Fairwind.
I firmly believe that the crew of Fairwind is the most important asset of the company and as such, taking care of the crew is at the forefront of my thoughts every day.

Management Style
I have heard many leaders say over the years both in the Navy and since that they have an “open door policy” which in truth was just words. I believe and embrace an open door policy coupled with an open mind and open ears policy. I make time for people to talk to me. I invite those with ideas and innovations to share them. I don’t pretend to know everything or the best ways to do everything. I want my crew to challenge the way we do things and make things better and more efficient.
My job is to provide vision for the company but equally important is providing the crew the proper training, correct tools, and positive motivation to succeed.